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Child Development

We all want our children to grow up happy and healthy. The reality is most all of them do — but at vastly different rates. Experts across Mayo Clinic Health System see thousands of children each year, and have the experience and resources to know what is normal and what may be cause for closer observation. This includes not only physical and motor skills development, but psychological and social skill advancement.


Prenatal & Parenting
Fairmont, MN In Person

This group is for new mothers and mothers-to-be interested in breastfeeding. Baby Cafe is a national network of breastfeeding drop-ins, combining breastfeeding information in a relaxed, informal environment where mothers can chat and learn about breastfeeding from skilled practitioners and each other. Registration is not required, this is a drop-in offering. 

Class Cancellations

If a class is canceled, Mayo Clinic Health System will make every attempt to reach you by phone or email. Mayo Clinic Health System reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet minimum size requirements. If local schools are cancelled, so are prenatal education offerings. Alternative classes will be offered whenever possible. Call 507-594-4607 for cancellation or postponement information.

Hometown Health Blog

Social media risks: Safeguarding children's online experience

Social media allows children to easily connect with friends, but the digital world can become a threat when not used safely. Get tips to help them use screened devices and social media in a safe way.

Karen Hall, L.P.C. By Karen Hall January 5, 2024

6 tips to reduce children's screen time

Screened devices are part of everyday activities from store checkout to reading on a tablet. There are health benefits to reducing screen time. Here are six tips to help your family trim screen time.

Sarah Scherger MD By Sarah Scherger April 17, 2023

How youth marijuana, alcohol use impacts life

Talking early with your children about the risks of marijuana and alcohol use may prevent the first use. Get tips to start a conversation about avoiding substance use.

Pravesh Sharma, M.D. By Pravesh Sharma January 17, 2023

Supporting children through times of grief

Like adults, children vary in expression and experience of grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Learn how to talk to children about grief and model healthy ways of grieving.

Sarah Cormell, L.C.S.W. By Sarah Cormell December 2, 2022

What is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?

ADHD affects roughly 5.7 million children ages 6–17 and may lead to struggles with anxiety or depression and behavior problems. Learn the different types of ADHD and when to consider evaluation.

Jessie Wolf LICSW By Jessie Wolf August 26, 2022

Fostering resiliency in children

Resiliency is the ability to become strong, healthy or successful after something bad happens. Learn how you can provide support and help build resiliency when children face bullying, illness or divorce.

Julie Conway MS LPC By Julie Conway June 16, 2022

Helping children feel safe

In the aftermath of gun violence, you may ask how you can help your children feel safe or reassure yourself that your children are safe. Here's how.

Janice Schreier MSW By Janice Schreier May 27, 2022

Link between autism and vaccination debunked

Some parents don't have their children vaccinated because they fear immunizations lead to autism. Learn about a study that debunks this myth and the importance of vaccines.

Jennifer LeGare NP By Jennifer LeGare March 24, 2022

Children and screen time: How much is too much?

Experts recommend limiting children's screen time. Consider the effects of too much screen time, and discover how to reduce it using these simple steps.

Jill Christensen NP By Jill Christensen May 28, 2021

5 tips to manage ADHD in children

ADHD affects millions of children. Learn about the subtypes, treatment and 5 behavioral strategies to help your child be successful.

Amanda Logan CNP By Amanda Logan May 27, 2021

5 ways slimming screen time is good for your health

How much time do you and your family members spend on a screen? Are you missing out on something else important to you? Learn about the many benefits of cutting down on screen time.

Mysoon Ayuob MD By Mysoon Ayuob May 21, 2021

Practical ways to raise confident kids

Confident children believe in themselves and can face new challenges without fear. Learn why these are essential for a happy life and how parents can communicate self-worth using these 5 messages.

Maegen Storm CNP By Maegen Storm May 12, 2021