Having surgery is a major event in your life. We know this and make every effort to keep you as comfortable as possible, focusing on you as an individual. Our surgeons and staff work as a coordinated team treating a wide variety of illnesses ranging from simple to complex. We offer comprehensive, advanced care and service to every patient.

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Unexpected vacation ending leads to rare tumor discovery

After a family vacation, Izzy Iverson started having significant pain. Her family soon learned she would need surgery to remove a rare tumor in her chest called a teratoma.

May 15, 2023

Minimally invasive surgery: small incisions, big benefits

Tiny tools, cameras and incisions make a big difference during minimally invasive surgery. Patients have less pain and scarring with faster recovery. Here's what you should know if you need surgery.

Michael Young MD By Michael Young January 9, 2023

Robotic surgery increases precision, shortens recovery

Robotic surgery has become increasingly popular in the U.S. and with good reason. It combines increased surgical precision and flexibility with shorter recovery time and less pain. Find out if it's a good option for you.

James Partridge, M.D. By James Partridge II December 21, 2022

Short journey for quicker breast cancer care

Time is of the essence with breast cancer, and Gail Raddatz didn’t want to wait. This avid traveler had no issue with a journey across town to get the care she needed right away.

October 18, 2022

Breaking down the details of colorectal surgery

Colorectal surgery is a wide range of procedures that treat conditions of the lower digestive tract, ranging from hemorrhoids to cancer. Here's what you need to know if you need surgery.

Andrew Morris, M.D. By Andrew Morris August 11, 2022

Surgical options when a gland goes awry

The endocrine system regulates hormone levels in your body. But sometimes it doesn't work properly. Learn when you may need surgery and about the safer, more effective surgical advancements.

Tal Yalon, M.D. By Tal Yalon August 3, 2022

Could your leg pain be varicose veins?

If you feel an achy, heavy or a burning sensation in your legs, you may have varicose veins. They're more than a cosmetic concern. Get information on the minimally invasive treatment options to ease pain.

April 5, 2022

Preparing for surgery? What you need to know

If you need surgery, feeling anxious is normal. Review 6 common Q&A to help you feel more comfortable and prepared.

Liz Cumberland CNP By Liz Cumberland March 9, 2022

6 varicose vein myths debunked

You may think you know why varicose veins develop, who's most at risk or the best treatment. Here's the truth behind 6 common varicose vein myths.

Kendra Kamlitz MD By Kendra Kamlitz February 23, 2022

Treatment options for inguinal hernia repair

An inguinal hernia isn't necessarily dangerous, but it doesn't improve on its own and can lead to life-threatening complications. Learn about the two general types of treatment options for this common condition.

Christopher Johnson, M.D. By Christopher Johnson February 18, 2022

Preparing for your breast biopsy

If you need a breast biopsy after a breast exam indicates additional follow-up is required, it’s normal to feel anxious. Ease your mind with what you need to know and how to prepare.

Kendra Kamlitz MD By Kendra Kamlitz August 17, 2021

Standing all day at work? 7 tips to lower varicose vein risk

Many jobs require standing most of the day, increasing the risk for varicose veins. Get 7 tips to ease symptoms and improve the health of your legs.

August 11, 2021