Nutrition Services and Clinical Dietetics

Medical Nutrition Therapy Services:

Our team of registered dietitians are committed to providing exceptional patient centered service using evidence-based medical nutrition therapy to meet patients and families diverse biopsychosocial needs.

Many insurance plans will cover medical nutrition therapy if you have a referral from your Provider. Contact your insurance carrier for coverage details.

Retail Nutrition Services:

Retail services are available to any patient, employee, or community member; a Provider referral is not needed. Pre-registration is required and payment must be received prior to the service being provided. These services are not billed to insurance.

  • Mayo Clinic Diet Program
    • Based on the New York Times bestseller, The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat well. Enjoy life. Lose weight
    • A 12-week class providing information on weight loss, nutrition, physical activity, and other healthy lifestyle behaviors
    • Lead by expert facilitators, including registered dietitians, an exercise physiologist, and a psychology counselor (PhD)
    • Presented in a group setting to promote an environment of sharing and support
    • This program has been temporarily suspended and will return in 2021.
  • Body Composition Analysis
    • Starting a new health journey? What better way to get started than to mark your beginning and measure your progress along the way.
    • Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass or reduce body fat, a body composition analysis can show you the details no regular scale can.
    • Receive information regarding muscle mass and fat percentage in your trunk versus each limb, displayed on a full page colorful printout.
    • Highly accurate results using a Tanita MC780 Segmental Body Composition Analyzer.
    • Scheduled as a 15-minute appointment in the La Crosse Clinic.
    • Fee includes the test, print out, and explanation of results. Nutrition counseling or education is not included.
  • General Nutrition Visit
    • Are you looking for general nutrition information or nutrition tips for yourself or a family member? Topics may include:
      • Meal planning
      • Nutrient dense snacks
      • Reading labels
      • Navigating the grocery store
      • Getting a ‘picky child’ to eat
      • and more!
    • Note, only general nutrition information will be discussed. If you have a medical diagnosis, please refer to medical nutrition therapy services.

Contact Nutrition Services and Clinical Dietetics at 608-392-9587 for more information or to register for a retail service.


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Romi Londre, R.D.N.
Jamie Pronschinske, R.D.N., C.D.

Not all treatments, tests and services are available at all Mayo Clinic Health System locations. Check with your preferred location in advance.