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Mastering nutrition basics comes down to understanding the roles that specific nutrients play in a healthy diet. Want to go beyond the nutrition basics? Talk to your doctor or a dietitian for personalized dietary advice that takes into account your health status, lifestyle, and food likes and dislikes.

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Diabetes: Prevention and warning signs

The number of Americans with diabetes is staggering. Discover the alarming statistics of this serious health concern, and learn how diabetes can be managed or prevented with lifestyle changes.

Allyn Wergin RDN By Allyn Wergin September 6, 2023

5 nutrition tips to maximize your workouts

Eating and exercise are closely connected. Proper nutrition is essential for building strength and fueling activity. These five tips will get you started training for an athletic event.

Corrinna Lenort, R.D.N. By Corrinna Lenort August 21, 2023

Tips for drinking more water

You may be surprised to find out you’re not drinking enough water. Learn why it’s essential to stay hydrated, how to know if you're drinking enough water and get tips for upping your water game.

Liana Reiland DNP By Liana Reiland August 16, 2023

Tips for keeping summer produce fresh and flavorful

Gardens, roadside stands and farmers markets are bursting with summer's bounty. Learn the best ways to store and wash fresh fruits and vegetables to preserve their flavor, freshness and nutrients.

Kjersten Nett LD By Kjersten Nett July 27, 2023

Assessing protein needs for performance

Training for a distance run or another event? Protein is a key nutrient for building and repairing muscle,, and helping reach peak performance. A quick quiz can help assess your protein needs.

Kristi Wempen RDN By Kristi Wempen July 17, 2023

Start savoring your homegrown nutrition

Whether you plant a pot of tomatoes, tend rows of vegetables or love visiting a farmers market, now's the time to start savoring summer's bounty. Give these good-eating ideas a try.

Kjersten Nett LD By Kjersten Nett July 7, 2023

Tips for eating more plant-based proteins

Plant-based foods are full of fiber and nutrients that may help prevent chronic illness and are good protein sources. Learn ways to add them to your diet, and get a delicious veggie and bean recipe.

July 5, 2023

Tips for mindful snacking

When feeling stressed or bored, people often turn to food to cope. It's easy to reach for a snack if you don't have a plan for what and when to eat. Learn easy ways to be mindful about snacking.

Eileen Dutter, R.D. By Eileen Dutter June 20, 2023

Celery: Not just for veggie trays

Celery often is relegated to veggie trays and brown-bag lunches. But it's also a key ingredient in dishes around the world. Discover the good things celery has to offer, and get two recipes to try.

Allyn Wergin RDN By Allyn Wergin June 2, 2023

Maximize memory function with a nutrient-rich diet

What you eat may play a role in maximizing your memory. Learning how to diversify your plant-based food portfolio and incorporate healthier fats in your diet can work wonders for your memory.

Elizabeth Rummel By Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bertrand May 30, 2023

Brighten spring dishes with asparagus

Finding asparagus in the market signals that spring has arrived. Its vivid green, dark purple or creamy white spears add pops of color to the lighter dishes that usher in a new season of eating.

Chrisanne Urban, RDN, CD By Chrisanne Urban April 27, 2023

Managing your health during Ramadan fasting

Ramadan includes refraining from food and drink from dawn to sunset. This shouldn't have a negative health effect for most people. But some need to prepare to avoid worsening a health condition.

March 20, 2023