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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

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From stones to tumors: Understanding salivary gland conditions

Salivary glands are the unsung heroes of oral health. Yet, when disorders and tumors strike, discomfort and complications can arise. Learn about symptoms and treatments.

Fareeda Hussain MD By Fareeda Hussain September 8, 2023

Nasal polyps: Unassuming growths with a powerful effect

Nasal polyps are small growths on the lining of the nasal passages, often caused by chronic inflammation. Get answers to common questions about the tiny lumps that can cause big problems.

John Wheeler Jr., M.D. By John Wheeler Jr. August 30, 2023

Taking control of nosebleeds

While experiencing a nosebleed may cause you to feel anxious, it's rarely life-threatening. Learn why it happens, what to do if you get one and when you should seek emergency medical care.

Sara Packard PAC By Sara Packard July 25, 2023

Hit it on the nose: Deviated septum Q&A

Love or loathe it, your nose is a key part of your visual identity. One of the most common nose deformities is a deviated septum. Here are answers to 10 common questions about this condition.

Gregory Jones MD By Gregory Jones May 18, 2023

Tonsils: Tiny, but pack a big punch

The tonsils play an essential role in keeping you healthy but can cause pain if inflamed. Read about why kids have more trouble with their tonsils and when it's appropriate to have them removed.

Pao Vang, M.D. By Pao Vang April 13, 2023

Does my child need ear tubes?

Some kids are prone to painful ear infections. A common treatment is inserting ear tubes to drain fluid and circulate air. Get answers to common questions about this simple procedure.

Pao Vang, M.D. By Pao Vang April 4, 2023

The truth about tongue-tie

Up to 10% of babies are born with tongue-tie, which is a thick band of tissue that restricts the tongue's motion. Learn how it can affect eating and speech, and if treatment is needed.

Quintin Cappelle MD By Quintin Cappelle January 25, 2023

6 common questions about earaches and ear infections

Ears are amazing organs. They help us hear and experience the world. Yet some people are prone to painful ear infections. Get answers to questions about this common condition.

Luke Andera MD By Luke Andera July 18, 2022

The scoop on earwax

Ear wax has many important jobs, including protecting and lubricating your ears. Discover the simple, safe way to keep your ears clean and why you shouldn't put a small object into your ear canal.

Fareeda Hussain MD By Fareeda Hussain June 13, 2022

Absorbable implant to open blocked airways

Do you have a stuffy or blocked nose even when you're otherwise feeling well? You may have a nasal obstruction. Learn about a new treatment option using an absorbable nasal implant.

David Valencia MD By David Valencia February 15, 2022

Chronic sinusitis: More than a stuffy nose

Nasal congestion with a cold or allergy is common. But a long-lasting stuffy nose may be caused by chronic sinusitis. Read a Q&A about this condition and finding relief.

Fareeda Hussain MD By Fareeda Hussain January 26, 2022

Nosebleeds: From minor annoyance to serious situation

Occasional nosebleeds, especially during winter, are a minor annoyance. But how do you know when it's serious and requires emergency medical care? Watch for these 3 signs, and get prevention and self-care tips.

Fareeda Hussain MD By Fareeda Hussain November 16, 2021