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Bike helmets. Cabinet locks. Car seats. The infamous five-second rule. Safety for your family and around the house revolves mostly around common sense, but it helps when you have access to experts to make the connection between the two. Mayo Clinic Health System experts can help you make safety second nature around your house.


Community Education
Owatonna, MN In Person

Join Mayo Clinic Health System and community partners for an evening of education and fun to prepare your family for summer. Activities and topics geared toward children ages 3–12 include water safety, fire safety, Change to Chill program, car seat clinic, children identification kits, K-9 unit demonstration, bicycle obstacle course and more.

This community event is hosted by Mayo Clinic Health System in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters; Center for Family Unity; Community Education; Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service; Owatonna Hospital, part of Allina Health; Allina Health - Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Owatonna Parks and Recreation; Owatonna Police and Fire Department; Owatonna Public Library; Owatonna Public Utilities; United Way of Steele County, Steele County Public Health; Steele County Sheriff's Office; Steele County Coalition for Healthy Youth; and Steele County Free Fair.

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Hospitals receive 'A' grade for patient safety

Multiple hospitals received the highest patient safety marks from The Leapfrog Group.

November 16, 2022

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