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Bike helmets. Cabinet locks. Car seats. The infamous five-second rule. Safety for your family and around the house revolves mostly around common sense, but it helps when you have access to experts to make the connection between the two. Mayo Clinic Health System experts can help you make safety second nature around your house.

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From The Blog

Smart decisions improve your winter health

Winter is beautiful, but the cold, ice and snow can be treacherous. Here is some advice to keep you healthy and safe for the rest of the winter season.

Susan Cullinan, M.D. By Susan Cullinan March 3, 2020

11 tips for keeping safe during hunting season

For many, fall means hunting season, which can pose dangers and send hunters to the hospital or worse. Hunters should ensure they're educated about their surroundings and remember these 11 tips.

Eric Grube DO By Eric Grube October 15, 2019

Over-the-counter, prescription medication safety

When medication is prescribed by a doctor and taken correctly, it can help you with day-to-day life. But did you know that you also should take precautions with over-the-counter medications?

July 31, 2019

3 sun safety reminders

Skin cancer is among the most common and preventable types of cancer. Learn how to protect your skin from the sun while you enjoy summer.

Graham King MD By Graham King June 27, 2019

4 safety tips for summer festivals

Do your summer plans include a music festival? Check out these tips so your experience doesn't end on a sour note.

June 25, 2019

12 tips for keeping children safe during the holidays

The holidays are magical time of the year. Make sure your children or young guests are kept safe with these helpful tips.

Peter Reisner, M.D. By Peter Reisner December 17, 2018

Winter weather: Are falls and slips avoidable?

Although often long and cold, winter in the Midwest can be beautiful. However, even when you are enjoying the snow-covered beauty, it is important to remember winter ice and snow increase the risk of falling for all ages.

Brittni Lair PA By Brittni Lair January 26, 2018

Toy safety: Keep kids safe from toxins and injury during the holidays

The holidays are here, and toys are a great way for children to learn and become good problem solvers. Sometimes, though, our good intent can lead to a child being cut, bruised, poisoned, shocked, suffocated or choked by unsafe toys.

December 14, 2017

Tips to keep your Halloween safe

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and everyone is preparing for the big night of costumes, pumpkins and candy. With so much time and energy going into the planning of this night, we often get so excited that we end up forgetting about simple safety.

Kim Schutterle MD By Kim Schutterle October 24, 2017

Household safety checklist for senior citizens

Each year, many senior citizens are injured in or around their homes. The following is a checklist to identify possible safety problems in or around your home that you may want to fix.

Michelle Geerdes OT By Michelle Geerdes September 19, 2017

Think safety in fall as weather changes

Nights are getting cooler, and the trees are starting to change colors as autumn begins. With it, routines change because the kids go back to school, the days get shorter and we start planning for winter. Think about these things as you enjoy the cooler temperatures and vibrant colors.

Alexandro Vasquez, D.N.P. By Alexandro Vasquez September 19, 2017

Adaptive equipment: Support at home for those in need

When a loved one's abilities change based on a medical condition, you may need to consider adaptive equipment. Adaptive equipment supports those in need and helps keep everyone in the home safe.

Carla Simon OTR By Carla Simon August 8, 2017