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Bike helmets. Cabinet locks. Car seats. The infamous five-second rule. Safety for your family and around the house revolves mostly around common sense, but it helps when you have access to experts to make the connection between the two. Mayo Clinic Health System experts can help you make safety second nature around your house.


Youth & Family Programs
Eau Claire, WI In Person

Safety Camp is a youth day camp full of games, laughter and general silliness. Campers have fun while learning about safe decisions and actions during a busy, high-energy day. Presentations are interactive and far from boring. Topics include fire, water, sport, bicycles, the internet and nature safety.

Participants will receive a T-shirt, lunch, snacks and materials.

This camp is open to children entering fourth and fifth grade this fall. Register by June 24.

Safety Camp is subject to change based on local COVID-19 local transmission rates.

Community Education
Mankato, MN In Person

Part of Speaking of Health: Spring Series at VINE

Falls can happen to anyone. Because bones become more brittle as people get older, the severity of injury from even a simple fall can be debilitating.

Peggy Sue Garber and Gail Norris, trauma injury prevention nurses, will demonstrate strengthening and balance exercises, and discuss medication, home environment and community safety.

Learn what to do if you experience a fall, and get techniques to prevent falls at home and in the community.

In The News

Six hospitals receive 'A' grade for patient safety

Hospitals in Albert Lea and Austin, Eau Claire, Fairmont, La Crosse, Mankato and Red Wing are being recognized with an 'A' grade — the best possible — by The Leapfrog Group.

May 10, 2022
Five hospitals receive ‘A’ grade for hospital patient safety

Hospitals in Eau Claire, Fairmont, La Crosse, Mankato and Red Wing are being recognized with an A grade — the best possible — by The Leapfrog Group.

November 10, 2021

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Drinking bottled water, wearing earbuds

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Gas stove open flame

Ouch! I've burned my hand on a hot pan — now what?

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Get ready to wheel into spring

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Standing outside in winter

How to avoid winter slips and falls

Midwest winters can be beautiful, but ice and snow increase your risk of falling. Follow these tips to keep upright and avoid injury.

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Bow hunting from tree

Aim for a safe, healthy hunting season

Whether you're stalking game, carrying on family tradition or enjoy being outdoors, don't let an accident or injury spoil the hunt. Learn how to aim for a safe hunting season.

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Farmer in tractor cab

Farm safety tips and reminders

During harvest season, it’s important for people involved in agriculture to remember a few safety practices and pick up a new tip or two, which can help avoid serious accidents.

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Mom putting sunscreen on girl's nose

3 sun safety reminders

Skin cancer is among the most common and preventable types of cancer. Learn how to protect your skin from the sun while you enjoy summer.

Graham King MD By Graham King August 6, 2021
Two kids fastening life jackets

Boating this summer? Make safety your top priority

Boating can create lifelong memories. Regardless of the type of boat you’re on, remember these basic safety rules for a day on the water.

Jason WrayRaabolle MD By Jason Wray-Raabolle June 30, 2021
Fireworks against dark blue sky

Use caution with fireworks

Independence Day has been celebrated with firework displays since the 1770s. Find out why you need to use extreme caution while using fireworks, and get safety tips.

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Kids kicking soccer ball

Get healthy, stay safe outside in spring

Spring is a wonderful time to get outside and be active. Here's some tips to ensure your family is safe while enjoying the outdoors.

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Snowshoeing on sunny day

Top 10 essentials to pack for your outdoor winter adventure

Activities outdoors in winter can be enjoyable and exhilarating, but also include some risk. Before you go out, here are some things to consider to ensure your venture is fun and safe.

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Man with Santa hat putting up holiday or Christmas lights on house

Decorating safety: Don't be Clark Griswold this holiday season

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is a classic holiday movie, but Clark Griswold’s decorating tactics throw safety out the window. Skip a trip to the Emergency Department this holiday season with these safety tips.

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