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Disease prevention is crucial to your health. Getting vaccinated is one of the best ways to maintain good health, and protect you and those you care about against infectious diseases. Vaccinations offer protection against serious diseases by stimulating the immune system to create antibodies against certain bacteria or viruses.

Get vaccine guidance from Mayo Clinic, including benefits, safety, side effects and what to know about recommended vaccines for babies, children, teens, adults and during pregnancy. For recommended vaccines based on age, refer to the adult or child and adolescent schedules.

Review the history of infectious disease outbreaks and vaccines timeline for information about major disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics, and the impact of vaccines and research.

Hometown Health Blog

Who to talk to about childhood vaccinations

As a parent, you may be confused about recommended vaccinations for your young children. Get the facts from reliable sources, and leave online misinformation behind.

February 21, 2023

What should you do if you have COVID-19 or flu?

Unsure if you have flu or COVID-19? Symptoms can be similar. Find out what to do, and how to self-manage symptoms and use the Check Symptoms tool.

Muhanad Mohamed, M.D. By Muhanad Mohamed January 30, 2023

9 common questions about vaccines and travel

Planning a trip overseas can be exciting. Learn why you should schedule an appointment with a travel medicine specialist to get the vaccinations and information you need to be healthy and safe on your journey.

Bharath Raj Varatharaj Palraj MD By Bharath Raj Varatharaj Palraj January 3, 2023

Watch out for winter mishaps

Winter is beautiful, but it does come with risks. Take steps to prevent falls, hypothermia, frostbite and more so you can remain in good health and enjoy the splendor of the season.

Lori Schumacher PAC By Lori Schumacher December 8, 2022

When to seek medical help for RSV or flu symptoms in children

With an early increase in RSV and influenza cases, a Mayo Clinic expert shares three things parents can watch for when determining if they should seek care for a sick child.

November 18, 2022

Even grown-ups need vaccinations

Adults outgrow many things, but not the need to keep up on vaccinations. From pneumonia to tetanus, adult vaccines reduce illnesses. Learn which ones adults need and what they do.

Abby Bartz CNP By Abby Bartz June 8, 2022

Facts about flu

Flu season is just around the corner. Learn how to put up your best defense and decrease your chances of getting the flu.

Jeffrey Green MD By Jeffrey Green November 1, 2021

Quick, easy online scheduling for COVID-19 test offers reassurance to traveling family

When Mark Veldhuizen started showing COVID-19 symptoms while traveling with his family, as someone with cancer, he knew he needed to be seen quickly. Through online scheduling, he got an appointment the next morning.

October 6, 2021

Schedule flu vaccinations through Patient Online Services, Mayo Clinic App

Put up your best defense by scheduling a flu vaccination through Patient Online Services or the Mayo Clinic App — it's convenient. Select the date, time and location that's best for you.

October 4, 2021

Debunking COVID-19 myths

Chances are you've heard things about COVID-19 from social media, friends or family. It can be tempting to believe claims. We'll set the record straight on some of the circulating COVID-19 myths.

September 2, 2021

Talking to your kids about vaccines

Are your kids asking questions about COVID-19 and other vaccines? Get kid-friendly answers and tips for discussing vaccines.

Jennifer Johnson DO By Jennifer Johnson May 11, 2021

Protect your child with proper vaccinations

You protect your child and community when you vaccinate. Learn about the benefits, how vaccinations work, possible side effects and recommended childhood vaccines.

Jessica Sheehy PAC By Jessica Sheehy April 6, 2021