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The Hospice program believes that the highest quality of living is achieved when the family unit and Hospice team together offer hope, opportunity, support, presence, individualized care, comfort and encouragement.


Youth & Family Programs
Madison Lake, MN In Person

Camp Oz is a daylong grief camp for children in grades 1–12 who have experienced the death of someone in their life. Mayo Clinic Health System Hospice offers Camp Oz for free, thanks to generous donations.

Activities include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Fun and games
  • Music
  • Play
  • Small-group time to share about grief and loss

Camp participants can make new friends who have also experienced loss.

A family member or guardian is required to attend the closing ceremony at the end of the day.

Register by Sept. 27 by completing a registration form for each child using the "Register" link.

Many caring volunteers are needed to help make this day possible, including those with a mental health background. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Jeanne Petroske-Atkinson, Hospice, at

About Camp OZ

Camp Oz was named and modeled after the film "The Wizard of Oz" because grief parallels so many aspects of the movie. Grief is like a tornado. It rips apart and makes a mess of people's lives.

Like the Lion, children need courage to face grief. Like the Scarecrow, grief causes children to have a foggy brain. Like the Tin Man, it may feel like children's hearts are ripped out, and they just want to feel whole again. Like Dorothy, children may feel lost and want to go "home again." The journey of grief takes children down a road of many twists and turns, but eventually, it can lead to healing and acceptance.

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