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Eye Health

Your eyes are responsible for providing you with vision, perhaps the most important of the senses. However, the eye is a delicate and complicated structure that needs protection. The ugly truth is that eye injuries can happen at any time and place.

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How to watch the solar eclipse safely

Viewing an eclipse is memorable, but eye experts stress doing it safely. Looking into any type of eclipse — partial or total — poses severe risks to your eyes. Read tips for safe eclipse viewing.

Robert Friese OD By Robert Friese April 1, 2024

Family history, ethnicity give insights into glaucoma

Anyone can get glaucoma, but certain families, and particularly African Americans, are most susceptible. Learn more about this sight-stealing disease and how screening can protect your vision.

Grant Heslep MD By Grant Heslep January 24, 2024

A closer look at pink eye: Self-care tips for conjunctivitis

When your eyeball turns a shade of pink or red, and you have a watery and inflamed eye, it's a sign of conjunctivitis. Learn why the best option to treat pink eye may be to care for it at home.

November 9, 2023

Eye pain: Taking the sting out of a stye

Have you ever awoken to discover a red, painful lump near the edge of your eyelid? Here's how to treat a stye and when you should see a healthcare professional.

Nitika Arora, M.B.B.S. By Nitika Arora September 14, 2023

Diabetes and your eyes

Everyone needs to take care of their eyes, but when you have diabetes, eye care is especially important. Learn how new AI technology can help detect a common eye issue in people with diabetes.

Wayne Wu MD By Wayne Wu August 8, 2023

Why do I need safety glasses?

Many people underestimate how common eye injuries are and believe that regular glasses can protect them. Learn how safety glasses are made to withstand projectiles and can save your sight.

Logan Kiekhafer, O.D. By Logan Kiekhafer June 16, 2023

See clearly: Advances in eyewear

Advancements in eyeglasses are making them more comfortable, durable and stylish. Learn how multifocal lenses can be customized and how coatings reduce ocular symptoms.

Logan Kiekhafer, O.D. By Logan Kiekhafer May 5, 2023

How age-related macular degeneration blurs vision

Macular degeneration is a common cause of age-related vision loss. Learn how it makes reading, recognizing faces and driving difficult, and what you can do to lower your risk.

Michael Scott MD By Michael Scott January 10, 2023

Don’t be fooled by glaucoma — the silent sight thief

Glaucoma, sometimes called the silent thief of sight, is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, which is critical for good vision. Learn what to do to protect and secure your sight.

Matthew Cooke, M.D. By Matthew Cooke March 31, 2022

George Frank seeing straight thanks to surgery for crossed eyes

Eye contact is an important nonverbal communication skill. But for George Frank, this wasn't possible. Read about a surgery that changed the muscles around his eye to align his crossed eyes to improve his sight.

February 16, 2022

Relief for dry eyes a welcome sight

Dry eye disease leads to burning, stinging, watery or red eyes, and can affect your daily life. Here's what you need to know if you experience dry eyes.

Robert Friese OD By Robert Friese January 4, 2022

7 common questions about upper eyelid surgery

If you're bothered by drooping eyelids or are losing your peripheral range of vision, upper eyelid surgery may be a solution for you. An ophthalmologist answers questions about this common surgery.

Michael Garvey, M.D. By Michael Garvey November 8, 2021