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What’s Happening in the Community

Hunting? Be sure to protect your hearing

Noise over 140 decibels can permanently damage hearing, and almost all firearms are in that range or higher, putting hunters at risk for hearing loss. Learn how protective devices can reduce that risk.

Katie Kendhammer AuD By Katie Kendhammer September 30, 2022

Pregnancy and respiratory illnesses: Tips to reduce your flu risks

Flu season usually starts in the fall. Learn how the influenza vaccine reduces hospitalization during pregnancy and can protect the baby from the flu after birth.

Thomas Howell Jr MD By Thomas Howell Jr. September 30, 2022

What should I do if I might be having a heart attack?

Tightness in your chest, pain in your jaw and shortness of breath. Are these signs you're having a heart attack? Learn why recognizing the symptoms and calling 911 are vital during a heart attack.

John Haley MD By John Haley September 29, 2022

Water: Essential for your body

Water is essential to keep your body functioning properly. That's why you need eight to 12 cups a day. Here's how to develop healthy water habits.

Allyn Wergin RDN By Allyn Wergin September 29, 2022

Knee arthritis: 5 alternatives to knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the most effective treatment for alleviating the pain, swelling and loss of mobility from knee arthritis. Find out how nonsurgical options also can provide relief.

Scott Perkinson MD By Scott Perkinson September 28, 2022

Partners in pregnancy: Preparing for a baby together

Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing events. Having both partners involved and connected during this time is important. Find out how to prepare for the unexpected when welcoming a new baby.

Okechukwu Oseubi M.D. By Okechukwu Osuebi September 27, 2022

Treatment options for men with urinary leakage

Urinary incontinence is a common condition. Learn why it can be particularly troublesome for men, and about treatment options to improve symptoms and bring comfort.

Adam R Miller MD By Adam R. Miller September 26, 2022

When should a female start seeing a gynecologist?

OB-GYN and Family Medicine can complete preventive health exams for women. So when do you see an OB-GYN and when should you see a family medicine professional?

Becky DeLuca CNP By Becky DeLuca September 23, 2022