Rendering of Albert Lea Campus Enhancement Project, Emergency Department Desk
Enhancing the Albert Lea Campus
For staff, patients, and community members today, tomorrow and in the future.

Albert Lea Campus Enhancement

Mayo Clinic Health System is committed to providing world-class healthcare to Albert Lea and its surrounding communities. Several campus enhancement and renovation projects are now underway on the Albert Lea campus that will:

  • Support practice growth by leveraging the latest technology to treat patients locally.
  • Aide in retention and recruitment of the best talent.
  • Enhance patient, family, and staff experiences in alignment with our community needs assessment.

Staff and construction crews will do their best to minimize disruption to patients and visitors. All departments will remain open and fully operational during the construction.

Outpatient Fountain Centers and Psychiatry & Psychology – complete

In June 2023, Albert Lea's outpatient Psychiatry & Psychology and Fountain Centers practices moved to a newly renovated location on the second floor of Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea, 404 W. Fountain St. The new location for these growing practices was custom designed to create an inviting environment for patients to promote hope and healing.

The new space features:

  • Added space for two newly hired providers and future growth.
  • Cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive experience for telehealth group and individual visits.
  • Dedicated space for pediatric and group therapy sessions.

Images: New location for outpatient mental health services in Albert Lea.


Commemorative Naeve Hospital garden – coming in 2024

In 2024, Mayo Clinic Health System will remove the former Naeve Hospital building from the Albert Lea campus due to mounting safety concerns with the building's ventilation and structural integrity. A memorial garden will be installed in the footprint of the building to pay tribute to our history in the community. We are working with community members to preserve historical elements of the building, such as the cornerstone, to use as fixtures in the garden.

Once there is a timeline for construction activity, we will work with the City of Albert Lea and contractors to ensure demolition is performed safely and with minimal disturbance to patients and nearby residents.

Images: Renderings of the Albert Lea campus with the addition of a memorial garden in the footprint of the former Naeve Hospital building.


The former Naeve Hospital building on the Albert Lea campus hasn't been used for patient care since 2016 due to concerns about the building's age. Building, health and safety inspections recommend removing the building due to ventilation and structural issues. Renovation is not recommended as the high costs required to make the building safe for occupancy would absorb funding needed for patient services.

Emergency Department – coming in 2024

Mayo Clinic Health System is finalizing plans to renovate its Emergency Department in Albert Lea to improve patient experience and outcomes. Planned enhancements include:

  • Allocating space for three observation rooms and safe rooms with lake views.
  • Improving patient wait times and waiting areas and adding a reflection space.
  • Updating staff workstations with an improved line of sight to patient rooms.
  • Increasing overall security for staff and patients.
  • Equipping each room with telemedicine capability that also will be available on mobile workstations.

Previous investments

In 2017, Mayo Clinic Health System began a multi-year, multimillion-dollar renovation and expansion project spanning the Albert Lea and Austin campuses. The improvements bring to life the vision of a single hospital with two campuses. Both campuses underwent construction to add to the capacity of their facilities and augment the services that make each campus unique.

Since 2017, we invested more than $13 million in the Albert Lea campus alone. Facilities remodeled or added include:

  • State-of-the-art cancer center
  • Men's residential unit in Fountain Centers
  • Psychiatric services unit
  • New ambulance facilities
  • Observation unit
  • Remodeled Radiology Department
  • Express Care
  • Inpatient pharmacy

Images left to right: Fountain Centers inpatient men's unit, Albert Lea's Cancer Center, and new ambulance facilities.