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Reading supplement ingredients

Should I take vitamins and supplements after weight loss surgery?

If you've had weight loss, or bariatric, surgery, learn if you can or need to take vitamins and supplements to get all your nutrients.

Heidi Bednarchuk, C.N.S. By Heidi Bednarchuk April 8, 2022
Grace Fjeldberg RDN By Grace Fjeldberg April 8, 2022
Bowl of oats with fruit and yogurt

10 tips for getting your weight loss back on track

Has your weight loss slowed, or are the numbers on the scale creeping up? Here are 10 tips to help you get back on track.

Heidi Bednarchuk, C.N.S. By Heidi Bednarchuk April 1, 2022
Blending smoothie hand blender

Don't fall for fad diets

Hear about a diet plan that seems too good to be true? It probably is. Learn the signs of a fad diet and three key elements in all healthy plans.

Jamie Pronschinske RDN CD By Jamie Pronschinske March 2, 2022
Exercising on elliptical

Does exercise help you lose weight?

Your first instinct may be to go to the gym when you want to lose weight. Learn why this may not produce the results you want and what's more effective.

Andrew Jagim PhD By Andrew Jagim March 3, 2021
Woman choosing healthy or nonhealthy snacks

Mindful snacking at home

It's easy to reach for a snack if you feel stressed or bored. Here are some tips about being mindful with the types and amount of snacks you eat while at home.

Eileen Dutter, R.D. By Eileen Dutter February 15, 2021
Forking vegetable salsa on plate

Strategies to control portions

Knowing how to eat healthier can help you take control of how much you eat each day. Start with these tips to remind you of easy ways to judge food portions.

Jamie Pronschinske RDN CD By Jamie Pronschinske January 25, 2021
Items promoting healthy weight

Are you ready to change habits to lose weight?

Think you're ready to take on the challenge to lose the extra weight? This readiness assessment can help you get on track for success. 

Rhonda Jenson By Rhonda Jenson January 14, 2021
SMART goals

Setting SMART goals for success

Whether you’re starting a new exercise program, trying to eat healthier or find some time for yourself, setting a SMART goal positions you for success.

Joanne Genewick DO By Joanne Genewick December 31, 2020
Hand weights, measuring tape and healthy food

Healthy resolutions: Reflect, plan, focus, enjoy

Are you excited for a new year and ready to make healthy changes? Here's some tips for a successful year.

Michael Rogge MD By Michael Rogge December 30, 2020
Healthy bowl of food

8 tips to maintain weight during winter holidays

Winter delivers a double whammy of cold temperatures and holiday stress. Instead of reaching for comfort food to cope, try these 8 tips for maintaining a healthy weight.

Anne Harguth RD By Anne Harguth December 21, 2020
Salad with steak corn and tomatoes

8 healthy tips for summer dining

It’s summer, and the warmer weather tends to influence our dining habits. Whether you are dining out or grilling at home, here are 8 healthy reminders.

Anne Harguth RD By Anne Harguth July 24, 2020
Diet plan oranges tape measure

Record keeping can help you lose weight — and keep it off

Does it seem like you are eating all the right foods, exercising and your weight still isn’t going down? If you’re not keeping track of what you’re eating and what you’re doing for exercise, you need to start.

Shirley Shelley, R.D. By Shirley Shelley February 10, 2020