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Family Medicine

Care for children and adults of all ages including annual exams, well-child visits, diagnostics, screenings and referrals.

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Residency program in Eau Claire ranked by Doximity

The Family Medicine Residency Program has been ranked the No. 1 program in the Midwest and Wisconsin, and No. 6 in the U.S.

October 11, 2021

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person with hand on forehead, eyes closed

Will my sinus infection clear up on its own?

Acute sinusitis can accompany a common cold, allergies, and bacterial and fungal infections. Learn why antibiotics aren't the best treatment and what you can instead.

Munoz Leanna 2011 By Leanna Munoz May 23, 2022
Grassy, wooded path

Taming ticks

While you're enjoying the outdoors, ticks are looking for a ride — and a meal. Ticks survive on blood from humans and animals, and can transmit disease. Learn how to tame these unwelcome hitchhikers.

Katie Clubb MD By Katie Clubb May 11, 2022
Teen tossing soccer ball

Teens and exercise: What parents need to know

Regular exercise is important for teens, but it can be a challenge to get them moving. Here's how exercise helps teens, how much they need and tips to get them motivated.

Kimberly Beecher, M.D. By Kimberly Beecher May 2, 2022
Mountain biking on trail

Get ready to wheel into spring

After sitting all winter, it's time to get your bike, skateboard, scooter and safety gear ready to roll as the weather warms. Follow these tips for a safe, fun and active outdoor season.

Jason WrayRaabolle MD By Jason Wray-Raabolle April 20, 2022
Middle-aged person with curly hair and grey beard stubble

8 tips for coping with a serious diagnosis

Receiving a serious health diagnosis is a moment you likely will not forget. Follow these tips to lower anxiety and improve your coping after a difficult diagnosis.

Christopher Schimming MD By Christopher Schimming April 18, 2022
Person with grey beard, wearing a denim shirt

Shingles: Not just a band of blisters

If you've ever had chickenpox, you may be susceptible to shingles. This common condition causes a painful, blistered rash. Learn about prevention and treatment.

Jeffery Wheeler MD By Jeffery Wheeler April 13, 2022
Overhead view drinking tea

7 ways to combat coughs, colds

Although a cold usually is minor, it can make you feel miserable. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself. Try these seven at-home remedies to ease your symptoms.

Timothy Slama DO By Timothy Slama April 12, 2022
Young person holding coffee cup to upper chest

Cognitive overload: When processing information becomes a problem

Every day, your brain takes in information through multiple sources. When there's too much to process, you may feel cognitive overload. Learn how it can affect you and how to counter it.

Christopher Schimming MD By Christopher Schimming March 18, 2022
Person with dark, curly hair facing sunny window

What to do about chest acne

Nearly everyone deals with acne, which can appear anywhere you have oil glands on your skin, including your chest. Learn how chest acne develops and what you can do to prevent or treat it.

Amanda Logan CNP By Amanda Logan March 1, 2022
Smiling person wearing grey sweatshirt

During uncertain times, trust your primary care provider

A trusting relationship does more than just feel good. Learn how trusting the expert advice of your primary care provider can improve your health.

Timothy Van Gelder MD By Timothy Van Gelder February 28, 2022
Paul Robelia MD By Paul Robelia February 28, 2022
Wearing mustard sweater, wind blowing hair

6 helpful tips for managing urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is common among men and women. Follow these tips to lessen the burden of managing your condition and improve symptoms.

Becky DeLuca CNP By Becky DeLuca February 23, 2022
Tying raffia on flower bouquet

Kindness in action brings healthy rewards

Kindness is more than feeling grateful. Learn how intentional acts of kindness can positively impact your life and create a happier, healthier you.

Sarah Strahm, N.P. By Sarah Strahm January 27, 2022