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Family Medicine

Care for children and adults of all ages including annual exams, well-child visits, diagnostics, screenings and referrals.

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Family medicine residency programs ranked by Doximity

The Mayo Clinic Family Medicine Residency Program in Eau Claire and La Crosse ranked high on Doximity's 2022 Residency Navigator.

July 27, 2022
Residency program in Eau Claire ranked by Doximity

The Family Medicine Residency Program has been ranked the No. 1 program in the Midwest and Wisconsin, and No. 6 in the U.S.

October 11, 2021

From The Blog

Can wet hair make you sick?

Did your mom warn you that going outside with wet hair will make you sick? Sorry, mom, but it's time for a fact check.

Carmen Dargel MD By Carmen Dargel September 20, 2022

Tips for enjoying your empty nest

Sending children to college or into the real world often is a proud time for parents. But there also can be sadness, especially when it's the last child to leave home. Get tips for enjoying the transition.

Jessica Sosso MD By Jessica Sosso September 6, 2022

Are backpacks hurting your kids' backs?

The backpack is as much as a part of school life as homework and recess. Get tips for picking out your child's backpack, and how to wear it to avoid neck and back problems.

Michelle Rein MD By Michelle Rein September 6, 2022

Add 'health checkup' to teens' back-to-school list

Move one item to the top of your teen’s back-to-school list: health checkup. The visit will assess physical and mental health, and lay the base for teens taking charge of their own health care.

Elisabeth Ojukwu MD By Elisabeth Ojukwu August 10, 2022

Common questions about headaches

Did you know headaches generally are classified into two main types? Learn if the pain in your head is a primary or secondary headache and what you can do to prevent them.

Jamie Johannes, D.O. By Jamie Johannes August 5, 2022

Sunburn treatment: What works?

You may feel the burn after spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen. There's no fast fix to soothe a sunburn, but you can follow these six tips to ease your discomfort.

Trent Anderson DO By Trent Anderson August 1, 2022

Syphilis: A rising community presence

The rate of syphilis infection is increasing across the nation. Learn more about syphilis and how you can reduce your risk of getting or spreading the infection.

Trevor Rich, M.D. By Trevor Rich July 27, 2022

Dig into the benefits of gardening

Vegetable gardens are gaining popularity. Digging in the dirt and growing your own food can improve your physical and mental health. Get the scoop and gather tips before starting a garden.

Lisa Wimmer NP By Lisa Wimmer July 12, 2022

Men's health: Checkups, screenings key

Men aren't as likely as women to have preventive screenings and regular exams. Discover why avoidance can lead to a treatable situation turning deadly.

Benson_Scott By Scott Benson June 29, 2022

Why it's important to support kids who identify as LGBTQ and may be struggling

The teen years are challenging, but for LGBTQ youth, statistics for mental health issues and suicide risk are alarming. Supporting LGBTQ youth who are struggling starts with lending a listening ear.

June 24, 2022

LGBTQ+ health: Easing fears of seeking care

People who identify as LGBTQ+ face specific health concerns. Find out how to ease fear of seeking care and find a trustworthy, affirming health care team.

Sara Robinson, M.D. By Sara Robinson June 23, 2022

Coming out as LGBTQ to your health care professional

LGBTQ people may not want to share their sexual identity or orientation with a health care professional if they've experienced stigma in the past. Find out why it’s important to share.

June 21, 2022