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Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the U.S. However, survival rates are improving for many types of cancer, thanks to improvements in cancer screening and cancer treatment.


Support Groups
Mankato, MN Virtual

A virtual class for those in the Fairmont, Mankato and New Prague area offering compassionate, cancer-related education and support. Share your experiences and learn about coping with the challenges of cancer. Caregivers are welcome to attend.

You will receive a link via email to the virtual class about one week prior to the event. 

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Roasted sweet potatoes with herbs

Plant power: Using diet to lower cancer risk

Fruits and veggies may lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Learn how phytochemicals found in plants protect your body from damage and slow down cancer processes.

Grace Fjeldberg RDN By Grace Fjeldberg June 21, 2022
Masked couple holding hands

The importance of cancer screenings for the LGBTQ community

Going to see a health care professional can be especially scary for those in the LGBTQ community. A Mayo Clinic expert shares why it’s crucial to have cancer screenings regardless of gender identity.

June 10, 2022
Hugging for comfort

Emotional recovery after cancer treatment

Cancer can affect the way you feel, think and act. Learn common emotions felt by cancer survivors, and gather tips for emotional recovery.

Mariah Koenen PA By Mariah Koenen April 26, 2022
Close-up of young person with long reddish hair looking to their left

Lasting physical side effects of cancer

Cancer can change a person's body permanently, and side effects can linger for months or years. Discover some of the common physical side effects survivors experience and ways to manage symptoms.

Amye Tevaarwerk, M.D. By Amye Tevaarwerk April 25, 2022
Person wearing head scarf, holding coffee cup while outdoors

Diet tips during cancer treatment

If you're being treated for cancer, food provides fuel for your body. Get diet tips for managing side effects that can affect your appetite, taste and nausea.

March 30, 2022
Person wearing yellow jacket and grey knit hat

Preserving kidney function with robotic surgery

A common treatment for kidney cancer is to surgically remove the mass. Learn how robotic surgery can remove kidney cancer with less pain and faster recovery while preserving kidney function.

Scott Pate MD By Scott Pate March 25, 2022
Young adult with long dark hair gazing right

What is thyroid cancer?

The number of thyroid cancer cases has been increasing in the past 20 years, mainly due to advancements in imaging techniques that help detect smaller lesions. Get details about types and treatments.

Omar El Kawkgi, M.B., B.Ch. By Omar El Kawkgi March 11, 2022
Child piggyback with adult

Diet, humor and a cancer journey

A cancer diagnosis is life-altering. Watch a symposium, made possible through a sponsorship from the Lloyd and Ardis Peterson Family Foundation, to learn how diet and humor can affect a cancer journey.

February 17, 2022
Using earbuds and smiling

Screenings, awareness help prevent cervical cancer

While cervical cancer cases have decreased in recent years, it remains a significant threat to the well-being of women. Learn about your personal risk factors and what you can do to prevent and detect this disease.

Ruta Kirstein, N.P. By Ruta Kirstein January 25, 2022
Jennie Spencer

Cancer survivor walks on sunny side of street

Jennie Spencer makes good use of her time while receiving treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Watch a video as she returned for treatment with a surprise for her care team.

December 22, 2021
Looking at poppy garden

9 Q&A about multiple myeloma

Blood cancers remain a mystery. Here are answers to 9 common questions about one type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma.

Jonathan Ticku MD By Jonathan Ticku September 30, 2021
Person drinking from mug while sitting and looking at laptop

Connection between HPV infection and mouth, throat cancer

Did you know that HPV infection increases risk of throat and mouth cancer? Learn about prevention, symptoms and treatment options.

Gregory Jones MD By Gregory Jones September 21, 2021