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Ear Health

An audiologist specializes in evaluating and treating people of all ages with hearing loss, dizziness and balance disorders. Specialty audiology consultation is available for assessment and treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and balance disorders.

Hometown Health Blog

Bone-anchored implants: Treating your child's hearing loss

Hearing loss in children can have a profound impact on their speech, social and emotional development. Learn about one technique for helping children hear.

Katie Dease, Au.D. By Katie Dease March 25, 2024

Feeling like you're all ears?

"I'm all ears" typically means you're listening, but it has a different meaning if you feel self-conscious about prominent ears. Learn about a procedure that can change the ear shape and position.

Patrick Shinners, M.D. By Patrick Shinners December 14, 2023

You can’t remember what you can't hear: The hearing loss, brain health link

Missing out on the sounds of daily life can lead to isolation and have an impact on your brain health. Learn more about the connection between hearing and cognition.

Dana McCray, Au.D. By Dana McCray December 6, 2023

Hunter gives next-generation hearing protection two thumbs up

An avid hunter, Gregory Jones, M.D., found traditional hearing protection unsatisfactory. Then his audiologist recommended next-generation devices. Learn about this option.

October 9, 2023

The sound of success: How improved hearing aids career change

Charlie Pierce was ready to make a career change, but hearing loss was an obstacle to being accepted for the new position. Learn how his Audiology team gave him a fresh start with a small pair of hearing aids.

September 13, 2023

Does my child need ear tubes?

Some kids are prone to painful ear infections. A common treatment is inserting ear tubes to drain fluid and circulate air. Get answers to common questions about this simple procedure.

Pao Vang, M.D. By Pao Vang April 4, 2023

Is tinnitus making you miserable?

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be more than just annoying. It can negatively affect your quality of life. Learn about strategies to help manage your symptoms.

Trista Williams, Au.D. By Trista Williams April 3, 2023

Beyond hearing aids: Cochlear implants replace silence with sound

If you have moderate-to-severe hearing loss, a cochlear implant might be an option for you. Learn if you're a good candidate for an implant and how they differ from hearing aids.

Nathaniel (Nathan) Connell, M.D. By Nathan Connell February 23, 2023

Protect children's hearing from noisy toys, gifts

Many toys that children play with can produce levels equal to 90 decibels, which typically requires hearing protection. Get tips to help you choose toys and games that protect kids' hearing.

Katie Dease, Au.D. By Katie Dease December 12, 2022

Do ear infections always need to be treated with antibiotics?

When your child has an ear infection, it's common to think an antibiotic is necessary. Learn why that may not always be the case and how you can treat it at home.

Timothy Slama, D.O. By Timothy Slama October 19, 2022

Hunting? Be sure to protect your hearing

Noise over 140 decibels can permanently damage hearing, and almost all firearms are in that range or higher, putting hunters at risk for hearing loss. Learn how protective devices can reduce that risk.

Katie Dease, Au.D. By Katie Dease September 30, 2022

Are OTC hearing devices a good fit for you?

Pharmacies and other retailers soon will offer over-the-counter hearing devices for people with moderate hearing loss. Here's what you should know before you buy.

Katie Dease, Au.D. By Katie Dease September 12, 2022