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Behavioral Health

How can you tell whether a mental health issue is normal? The line between normal and abnormal mental health is often blurred. Still, it's helpful to consider your feelings, thoughts and behavior in relation to cultural norms and other benchmarks. Mental health includes self-esteem, relationships, resilience and more. If you're struggling with these or other things, we are here to help.

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Psychologist provides tips for coping with the 'COVID limbo' and 'panger'

Research has shown an increase in frustration, agitation and anger throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemic anger, or "panger," is a real mental health concern many people are deali...

June 14, 2022

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Teen smiling, wearing backpack with yellow straps

Fostering resiliency in children

Resiliency is the ability to become strong, healthy or successful after something bad happens. Learn how you can provide support and help build resiliency when children face bullying, illness or divorce.

Julie Conway MS LPC By Julie Conway June 16, 2022
Sitting, hugging bent knees close

How to create happiness

You can learn to be happy — or at least happier. Make a commitment to yourself to find happiness in each day. Use this list to get started.

Sissy Yang NP By Sissy Yang June 15, 2022
Youth with red streak in dark hair

5 things you need to know about mental health and girls

One in 5 adolescents or teens experience a mental disorder each year. For girls, it can be especially challenging. Here's how to positively impact mental health in the girls in your life.

Jessie Wolf LICSW By Jessie Wolf June 14, 2022
Dan and Rebecca Sharpsteen

Cal lives on through books for grieving parents, families

Cal Sharpsteen was stillborn at 38 weeks, but he lives on through "Cal's Corner," a cart filled with books donated by his parents for other grieving families who have lost a child.

June 10, 2022
Kicking soccer ball

Manage your stress so it doesn’t manage you this summer

Summertime events, like graduations, family reunions and vacations, come with their own set of stressors. Learn what can you do to stress less and have more fun this summer.

Janice Schreier MSW By Janice Schreier June 6, 2022
Parent and child on swing

Stressed out kids? Signs and strategies

Life is full of unpredictable changes and stressful situations. Children, especially teens, aren't likely to ask their parents to help them manage stress. Here's what to look for and how to help.

Tonia LaCore, L.G.S.W. By Tonia LaCore June 2, 2022
Adult with arms over childs shoulders

Helping children feel safe

In the aftermath of gun violence, you may ask how you can help your children feel safe or reassure yourself that your children are safe. Here's how.

Janice Schreier MSW By Janice Schreier May 27, 2022
Sitting cross-legged with hand on chest, wearing white shirt

Anxiety disorders: Is it really all in your head?

For some people, severe anxiety interferes with daily life. It begins in the brain, but it's not just all in your head. Learn about the symptoms of anxiety, and get management tips.

Patrick Bigaouette MD By Patrick Bigaouette May 26, 2022
Stone stacking near body of water

Overwhelmed by anxiety?

Everyone worries sometimes. But people with anxiety disorders have excessive worry they can't control. Learn about the types of anxiety disorders and treatments that can help.

Linda Hubbard, L.M.F.T. By Linda Hubbard May 16, 2022
Room full of stuff

How much stuff is too much stuff?

People acquire things for multiple reasons, but how do you know if they're a collector or pack rat, or someone who has hoarding behaviors? Gather the warning signs and treatment options.

May 12, 2022
Looking out a window with a mild expression

Identifying signs of anxiety and depression

When people struggle to cope with stressful situations, depression and anxiety become more noticeable. Learn how to identify the symptoms, and get coping tips.

Jolene Hanson LICSW By Jolene Hanson May 4, 2022
Listening with earbuds grey sweater

What words of wisdom work for recovery?

Words of wisdom can help you achieve and maintain a level of serenity during a recovery journey. Many sayings are easy to remember and can be impactful when you put them to use in your life.

Siri Heille CNP By Siri Kabrick March 8, 2022