Running Evaluations

What is a running evaluation?

A running evaluation is performed by a sports medicine professional with advanced training and knowledge in identifying and correcting mechanical faults in your running style and body mechanics.

Biomechanical assessments are used in combination with a musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues. During your individualized session, the therapist will review your history and running program, and complete a brief physical evaluation to assist in identifying potential causes of injury or pain while running.

The therapist will then perform a video running gait analysis by breaking down the running cycle frame by frame and use on-screen measurements to make a detailed assessment of the runner’s form in order to identify movement abnormalities.

The video will then be reviewed with you followed by a discussion of potential mechanical faults. The sports medicine professional then may provide you with recommendations for modifying your gait, offer training suggestions, and instruct you on corrective drills and exercises chosen to specifically meet your individual needs.

Who should have an evaluation?

  • Runners of all ages and levels, whether competitive or recreational, who are interested in improving running performance
  • Runners currently dealing with an injury who want rehabilitation aimed at restoring pain-free running

How much is an evaluation and what is included with the visit?

Running evaluations are $250 and consist of one 60-90 minute initial session and one 60 minute follow up session that cover the following:

Initial session

  • Musculoskeletal examination of strength, flexibility, range of motion, and dynamic movement screens
  • Video Gait analysis
  • Brief review of running analysis

Follow up session

  • Detailed discussion and review of running analysis
  • Instruction in corrective drills and necessary individualized rehabilitative exercises for strength, flexibility and neuromuscular control

Subsequent 30 minute follow up appointments may be needed for gait retraining, tracking progress, and progressing exercises. These visits are $50 per session.

How do I get an evaluation?

  • If you are seeing a licensed medical provider for a running-related injury, ask them to refer you to Mayo Clinic Health System for a running evaluation.
  • If you are currently experiencing a running-related injury and not seeing a licensed medical provider, contact Mayo Clinic Health System to schedule a running evaluation.
  • If you are not injured but would like to improve your performance, contact Mayo Clinic Health System to schedule a running evaluation or Kimberly Helmus, P.T., D.P.T., a running evaluation specialist.