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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to help evaluate, diagnose and treat athletes of all kinds — from high school and college team members to people with activity-related injuries.

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Collaboration improves health, well-being of local firefighters

A new program will focus on helping La Crosse firefighters with tactical performance training to improve mobility, strength, speed and endurance.

September 21, 2022
Sports physicals for student athletes offered in Southwest Minnesota

These clinics are for student athletes entering grades 7–12 in the 2022–2023 school year. The physicals provided fulfill Minnesota State High School League sports requirements.

June 8, 2022
Eau Claire Diagnostic Imaging and Sports Medicine Center

Construction will begin in spring on the complex offering sports medicine, imaging and performance training services.

March 8, 2022

From The Blog

How to strengthen your core

A strong core is required for physical activity, including running. It provides overall strength, endurance and power, and supports good posture and prevents injuries. Develop your core with these exercises.

Denise Grabowski MPT By Denise Grabowski March 15, 2023
Steven Perkins DO By Steven Perkins March 15, 2023

Staying safe while on a run

You've got a training plan and gear for your distance run, but don't forget about staying safe. Here's how to keep visible, prevent injury and summon help if you need it.

March 1, 2023

Tips for safe cold-weather training

Training for a spring run starts during the cold winter months. It takes dedication and care. Before you head out, consider these tips to stay safe and warm as you log those miles.

Corey Wencl, L.A.T. By Corey Wencl February 1, 2023

Sprains, strains and tears: What can go wrong with upper arms

Upper arm muscles do your heavy lifting. Despite their strength, biceps and triceps can be damaged by overuse or forceful injury. Learn what to do when that happens.

Douglas (Doug) Bartels M.D. By Douglas (Doug) Bartels January 24, 2023

Expert tips for running shoe fit

Running doesn't require much gear, but well-fitting, running-specific shoes are a must. Start by shopping at a specialty shoe store and keep these expert tips in mind to ensure a good fit.

Stephanie Kvas DPM By Stephanie Kvas January 18, 2023

10 weight training tips for beginners

Weight training isn't just for bodybuilders and athletes — everyone can get the benefits. Get started with these tips to help you build strength, balance and confidence.

Mackenzie Long By Mackenzie Long January 6, 2023

Planning for your big run

If you've set a goal to participate in a distance run, be sure you're ready on race day. Learn how a plan can help you prepare physically and mentally for a successful event.

Troy Hoehn ATC By Troy Hoehn January 4, 2023
Peter Johnson PT By Peter Johnson January 4, 2023

The 5 elements of fitness

Variety is key to a healthy diet. It turns out, it's also key to a healthy fitness routine. Incorporate these five fitness elements to ensure success.

Nicholas Tschida, L.A.T. By Nicholas Tschida December 29, 2022

Ankle instability causes and fixes

Multiple sprains, an old break, rolling, inflammatory disease or age can lead to activity-limiting ankle instability, stiffness and pain. Learn about treatments to keep you moving with confidence.

Taylor Beahrs MD By Taylor Beahrs December 13, 2022

Why your IT band can be a pain in the leg

Pain on the outside of your knee may be a warning sign of an iliotibial, or IT, band issue. Learn why rest and early treatment is best instead of pushing past the pain, and how to avoid future injury.

Jacob Erickson DO By Jacob Erickson November 11, 2022

Helping athletes come back after a dislocated shoulder

The shoulder is an amazing joint, but it can become dislocated, especially during sports that involve contact, falls and reaching overhead. Here's what you can expect if it happens.

Scott Kuzma MD By Scott Kuzma August 30, 2022

Don’t let shin splints halt your workout

Experiencing throbbing pain down the front of your lower legs when you work out? You may have shin splints. Learn how to speed your recovery.

Amy Rantala, M.D. By Amy Rantala August 16, 2022