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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to help evaluate, diagnose and treat athletes of all kinds — from high school and college team members to people with activity-related injuries.

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Collaboration improves health, well-being of local firefighters

A new program will focus on helping La Crosse firefighters with tactical performance training to improve mobility, strength, speed and endurance.

September 21, 2022

Hometown Health Blog

What's going on with my kneecap?

You know something is going on with your kneecap if it slips to the side, either due to an injury or an activity as simple as standing up from a chair. Learn more about kneecap dislocation.

Douglas (Doug) Bartels M.D. By Douglas (Doug) Bartels June 26, 2023

Student athletes: Have you gotten your sports physical?

Sports physicals ensure a student athlete is healthy enough to participate in sports and compete without compromising their well-being. Now's the time to schedule these important physicals.

Robert Freed, D.O. By Robert Freed June 21, 2023

Post-race recovery tips for runners

You ran your best race, but you're not finished yet. Now it's time to focus on recovery divided into three phases with each having its own purpose. Give this approach a try.

Joel Luedke, L.A.T. By Joel Luedke May 17, 2023

Need to get moving? Start slowly

If you haven't been active, or are recovering from an illness or injury, you may not feel like lacing up your shoes or going to the gym. But it may be just what you need. Get started with these tips.

Chaun Cox MD By Chaun Cox May 10, 2023

What last-minute tips will help before my race?

You've put in the training, you're feeling strong and now it's almost race day. A few last-minute tips can help you prepare for the big day so you'll perform at your best.

Beau Johnson, PT, MPT, CSMT By Beau Johnson May 3, 2023

How one tendon can throw you off your stride

Injuring your Achilles tendon can bring activities like running, tennis, golf and walking the dog to a halt for months while you heal. Learn who's at risk and how to avoid injury.

Heather Schaefbauer DPM By Heather Schaefbauer April 28, 2023

Train your mind as you train your body for race day

Many athletes do well in training, only to cave on race day. These tips can help you address and overcome mental barriers that can keep you from achieving your goals.

Anna Duggan, D.P.T. By Anna Duggan April 19, 2023

What are some signs of overtraining?

As your event nears, it's tempting to amp up your training. But it's also a prime time for overtraining injuries. Here are some warning signs to watch for and what to do if you overdo.

Joel Luedke, L.A.T. By Joel Luedke April 5, 2023

Athletic or personal trainer: What's the best fit for you?

Athletic and personal trainers have different skills, education and focus areas. If you're seeking personalized advice, these tips can help you choose the professional who best fits your needs.

Joel Luedke, L.A.T. By Joel Luedke March 22, 2023

How to strengthen your core

A strong core is required for physical activity, including running. It provides overall strength, endurance and power, and supports good posture and prevents injuries. Develop your core with these exercises.

Denise Grabowski MPT By Denise Grabowski March 15, 2023
Steven Perkins, D.O. By Steven Perkins March 15, 2023

Staying safe while on a run

You've got a training plan and gear for your distance run, but don't forget about staying safe. Here's how to keep visible, prevent injury and summon help if you need it.

March 1, 2023

Tips for safe cold-weather training

Training for a spring run starts during the cold winter months. It takes dedication and care. Before you head out, consider these tips to stay safe and warm as you log those miles.

Corey Wencl, L.A.T. By Corey Wencl February 1, 2023