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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to help evaluate, diagnose and treat athletes of all kinds — from high school and college team members to people with activity-related injuries.

In The News

Northwest Wisconsin named sports medicine provider for University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Athletics

Beginning with the fall sports season, clinical staff from Orthopedics and Sports Medicine will provide services for Blugold athletes on all 25 men's and women's athletic teams.

August 25, 2021
Walk-in care for orthopedic injuries in Mankato

Expert walk-in orthopedic and sports medicine care for fractures, breaks, sprains and dislocations offered in Mankato.

July 23, 2021
Sports Physicals for Student Athletes

Several sports physical clinics to be hosted in St. James, Sherburn and Fairmont.

July 15, 2021
Sports physicals for student athletes

Several sports physical clinics will be offered across Southwest Minnesota for student athletes entering grades 7–12 in the 2021–2022 school year.

June 28, 2021

From The Blog

Kicking soccer ball into net

Treating your knee's shock absorbers

Your knee's built-in shock absorbers are designed to take a beating. But an everyday motion can result in a tear or other damage to the meniscus. When the happens, what should you do?

Gregory Erickson MD By Gregory Erickson October 1, 2021
Senior couple walking in field while holding hands

Robotic orthopedic surgery ups accuracy, patient satisfaction

Quicker recovery, reduced pain, more stability, better range of motion — learn how robotic knee or hip replacement delivers these outcomes.

Ryan Foley MD By Ryan Foley September 24, 2021
Charles Nolte DO By Charles Nolte September 24, 2021
Runner drinking bottled water

Strategies for safe, successful summer race performance

Summer races are back and in full swing. If one is on your calendar, be sure to take necessary precautions to properly train and prepare your body for the demands of a race.

Andrew Jagim PhD By Andrew Jagim July 1, 2021
Shoes lined up on shelf

Expert advice on finding the best shoe fit

Make each step count by choosing the right footwear. These guidelines will help you get the perfect fit.

Stephanie Kvas DPM By Stephanie Kvas May 21, 2021
Hands holding knee in pain

Managing pain, swelling during marathon training

Everyone has heard the saying "No pain, no gain." If you're training for race, chances are you've felt some pain. Here's how to keep working toward your goal.

Paul Osterman LAT By Paul Osterman April 23, 2021
Female running on boardwalk by water

Preparing for your first long run

Incorporating running into your life is an excellent decision for your health. Proper preparation for any race is important, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Peter Johnson PT By Peter Johnson March 19, 2021
Carrying log on shoulder

6 benefits of ultrasonic energy shoulder procedure

Your shoulder can develop a buildup of calcium deposits as you age, causing pain, stiffness and limited mobility. Learn about 6 benefits of a new nonsurgical procedure to remove those deposits.

Jacob Erickson DO By Jacob Erickson March 12, 2021
Exercising on elliptical

Does exercise help you lose weight?

Your first instinct may be to go to the gym when you want to lose weight. Learn why this may not produce the results you want and what's more effective.

Andrew Jagim PhD By Andrew Jagim March 3, 2021
Women working out barefoot

15-minute workouts you can do at home

Staying active is important not only for your body, but for your mind. Here are three 15-minute workouts you can do at home.

Andrew Jagim PhD By Andrew Jagim February 18, 2021
Couple wearing masks while working out

Tips for wearing a mask while exercising

You might think a mask is a barrier to working out away from home. Read these FAQ to help you figure out the safest approach to staying active.

Jeremy Amundson, L.A.T. By Jeremy Amundson January 6, 2021
Lifting dumbbells while doing squats

Debunking the top 10 workout myths

Not everything you’ve heard about maximizing your workouts to transform your body is true. Read about the top 10 workout myths, and get the facts.

David Webster, L.A.T. By David Webster November 25, 2020
Hydrangea flowers bush

Ultrasonic energy gets Deanne Lee gardening again

Tendonitis in her elbows was causing avid gardener Deanne Lee significant pain. Learn how ultrasonic energy removed damaged tissue without surgery and got her busy digging in the garden again.

October 1, 2020