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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to help evaluate, diagnose and treat athletes of all kinds — from high school and college team members to people with activity-related injuries.


Waseca, MN In Person

We are providing sports screenings for athletes entering grades 7–12 in the 2024–2025 school year. If your child plays a school sport, make your appointment today.

To prepare for the sports screening, student-athletes are asked to:

  • Wear gym shorts and a T-shirt
  • Bring a completed Minnesota State High School League physical form which is on the Minnesota State High School League website at
  • Have a parent or guardian present, if under age 18.

Immunizations will be offered during the sports screening. Parent/guardian consent is required to receive immunizations.

View the Sports screenings flyer for additional information.

Schedule the appointment using your Patient Portal or by calling 507-835-1210. Appointments preferred; walk-ins are welcomed.

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