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Can expressing gratitude improve your mental, physical health?

Studies show that feeling grateful improves health, but the brain is designed to problem-solve rather than appreciate. Learn how to reap the benefits of gratitude with a daily activity.

Amanda Logan CNP By Amanda Logan December 6, 2022

Check Symptoms tool evaluates RSV, upper respiratory illnesses

Concerned you or your child may have RSV, the flu or COVID-19? Learn how an online assessment tool can quickly evaluate symptoms, determine if testing is needed and recommend next steps for care.

December 6, 2022

Enlarged veins can cause pain, infertility

Any vein can become varicose, including those in the scrotum. Learn how these enlarged, twisted veins can cause pain, uneven development or fertility challenges and how microscopic surgery can help.

David Yang, M.D. By David Yang December 5, 2022

When to seek help for memory loss

Several conditions — not just Alzheimer's disease — can cause memory loss in older adults. Find out why getting a prompt diagnosis and appropriate care is important.

Anne Shandera-Ochsner, Ph.D., L.P. By Anne Shandera-Ochsner December 2, 2022

Supporting children through times of grief

Like adults, children vary in expression and experience of grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Learn how to talk to children about grief and model healthy ways of grieving.

Sarah Cormell, L.C.S.W. By Sarah Cormell December 2, 2022

Resilience: Prepping for a busy holiday season

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the stress and chaos the holiday season brings. Get tips to make this year's season relaxing and enjoyable.

Lisa Hardesty PhDLP By Lisa Hardesty December 1, 2022

8 tips for keeping children safe during the holidays

The holidays are magical time of the year. Make sure your children or young guests are kept safe with these helpful tips.

Peter Reisner, M.D. By Peter Reisner November 30, 2022

Get to the point: Proper disposal of sharps

Protect yourself and others by properly disposing of sharps in and away from home. It's easy to do with some planning. Here are tips to get you on the right path.

Jill Christensen NP By Jill Christensen November 29, 2022