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What’s Happening in the Community

Smart decisions improve your winter health

Winter is beautiful, but the cold, ice and snow can be treacherous for many people. Learn how smart decisions can keep you safe — and out of the emergency department — during the winter season.

Susan Cullinan, M.D. By Susan Cullinan February 23, 2024

Understanding your heart test: What to expect, how to prepare

Hearing you need a test on your heart may be scary, but understanding the purpose of the test can help put you at ease. Learn about common heart tests, and get practical tips to help you prepare.

Michael Meyers MD By Michael Meyers February 22, 2024

Use mindfulness to cope with chronic pain

Mindfulness has become a popular concept. Frequently thought of as a way to manage stress and improve focus, discover the benefits of mindfulness practice for helping with chronic pain.

Lori Sodeman LGSW By Lori Sodeman February 20, 2024

Dried beans: Rock stars of healthy meals

Looking to cook up something delicious and heart-healthy that doesn't break your food budget? You may already have the solution – beans – in your pantry. Learn about these meal-time rock stars.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske February 14, 2024

8 common questions new parents ask about vitamin K

An injection of vitamin K is a preventive measure that's recommended for newborns. Get answers to common questions new parents have about why vitamin K is needed and what can happen without it.

Dennis Costakos MD By Dennis Costakos February 12, 2024

Building resilience: 9 ways to tame anxiety

Racing heart, trembling body and scattered mind. Anxiety is common and can overtake your emotions and life. Discover practical strategies to build resiliency when faced with your anxiety triggers.

Linda Hubbard, L.M.F.T. By Linda Hubbard February 8, 2024

Know your numbers: What is your heart rate?

The better you understand your heart rate, the more you can maximize your movement to give your heart a good workout. Learn why your heart rate matters and how to find your target heart rate.

Xiaoke Ken Liu, M.D., Ph.D. By Xiaoke (Ken) Liu February 7, 2024

Redefining liver health: Understanding steatotic liver disease

More than a quarter of the world's adult population is affected by the most common form of chronic liver disease. Learn about a shift underway to redefine steatotic liver disease and raise awareness.

Victoria Louwagie PAC By Victoria Louwagie February 6, 2024