Infusion Therapy (IV Therapy)

Infusion therapy is the intravenous (IV) administration of medicines and nutrition. Patients include those who; need pain management, are in for dehydration, have nutrition deficiencies, infections, diabetes, cancer or renal failure.

Infusion therapy decreases time spent clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. It allows patients to return to work or school with a decreased risk of infections. Out-patient status decreases medical costs and allows the patient more time with friends and family in their own environment.

IV Therapy Provides:

  • Antibiotics
  • Biologics (includes Blood/Blood Products, IVIG, Monoclonal Antibodies)
  • Fluids for dehydration
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Injections including, but not limited to, Neulasta, Aranesp, Epoetin or Neupogen
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy
  • Lab draws from PICC
  • Discontinue PICC
  • Injections on weekends when clinic not open
  • Peripheral IV placement and discontinue
  • Accessing and DE accessing Ports
  • PICC dressing changes
  • Zometa IV
  • Remicade IV
  • Solumedrol IV
  • Wound Care


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