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Podiatry services are available at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin.  Podiatrists specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. Podiatry treats all age groups with problems involving the skin, muscles, ligaments, nerves and bones of the foot and ankle.

Common problems and injuries treated by our podiatrists include warts, ingrown and fungal toenails, bone deformities such as bunions and hammer toes, heel pain, ankle sprains and fractures, as well as other pains acquired through daily and recreational activities.

Podiatry provides:

  • Surgical care of the foot and ankle
  • Sports injury care
  • Orthotics (supports)

Our podiatrists also provide education on preventive medicine including proper shoe wear and routine daily foot care for diabetic patients.

For additional information or to schedule a podiatry appointment, call 433-8758.




Sara Vande Kieft DPM
Sara Vande Kieft, D.P.M.
Podiatry (Foot & Ankle)
Robert Collier DPM
Robert Collier, D.P.M.
Podiatry (Foot & Ankle)