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Tying raffia on flower bouquet

Kindness in action brings healthy rewards

Kindness is more than feeling grateful. Learn how intentional acts of kindness can positively impact your life and create a happier, healthier you.

Sarah Strahm, N.P. By Sarah Strahm January 27, 2022
Blowing nose into tissue

Chronic sinusitis: More than a stuffy nose

Nasal congestion with a cold or allergy is common. But a long-lasting stuffy nose may be caused by chronic sinusitis. Read a Q&A about this condition and finding relief.

Fareeda Hussain MD By Fareeda Hussain January 26, 2022
Sleeping on side in bed

8 common sleep study questions

Fifty million U.S. adults don't get enough sleep. Read 8 Q&A to discover how a sleep study can shed light onto what's happening during the dark of night.

Rachel Ziegler MD By Rachel Ziegler January 25, 2022
Using earbuds and smiling

Screenings, awareness help prevent cervical cancer

While cervical cancer cases have decreased in recent years, it remains a significant threat to the well-being of women. Learn about your personal risk factors and what you can do to prevent and detect this disease.

Ruta Kirstein, N.P. By Ruta Kirstein January 25, 2022
Toddler playing with dinosaur toy

Hand, foot and mouth disease common in children

There are telltale signs your child may have picked up hand, foot and mouth disease. Find out how to spot these signs and what you can do to help prevent the spread.

Luke Crance PAC By Luke Crance January 24, 2022
Pregnant woman reading a book

Pain management options with midwifery

Pain medication options are available to women in labor, whether they have a midwife or a physician. Learn about your options.

Lisa Brown CNM By Lisa Brown January 21, 2022
Crouching on sidewalk in winter, tying shoelaces

To brace or not to brace: What's the best answer?

If you injure your ankle or knee, should you wear a brace to support the joint? A brace can help or hinder your recovery. Here are three questions to consider.

January 20, 2022
Wearing glasses looking down

Memory lapses: Normal aging or something more?

Memory lapses and modest decline in thinking skills are common with age. How do you know it's a sign of something more? Learn what to watch for and get tips for coping with memory loss.

Kari Mongeon-Wahlen CNS By Kari Mongeon-Wahlen January 19, 2022
Holding mug and looking at cellphone while in the kitchen

Current sexually transmitted infection trends

There are discouraging trends in the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections. Get the facts about the most common types, the potential long-term health consequences and what you can do to protect yourself and partners.

Graham King MD By Graham King January 13, 2022
Ground turmeric

Brighten dark days with sunny turmeric

Since ancient times, golden-yellow turmeric has been used in dishes and as a dye and health treatment. Now it's poised to be a top food trend in 2022. Try it in one of these recipes.

Romi Londre RDN By Romi Londre January 12, 2022
Looking down at tablet, wearing a grey sweater

Prioritize your health: Breast cancer risk, treatment

Women's health experts discuss breast cancer, preventive measures, and advancements in personalized medicine and breast cancer treatment. Watch the webinar now.

January 10, 2022
Pink winter coat outdoors

What you need to know about aching joints

It may start with an occasional twinge in your hip or a catch in your knee, but becomes an ongoing ache. Learn how to find relief for aching joints.

Kariline Bringe MD By Kariline Bringe January 7, 2022