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Gowned person on clinic exam table

Preparing for your first pelvic exam

A pelvic exam is a regular part of a female wellness visit and a normal part of taking care of your body. Learn what to expect and how to prepare for this simple screen for cervical cancer and HPV.

Bridget Glomsk, M.D. By Bridget Glomski June 22, 2021
Hannah Miller, M.D. By Hannah Miller June 22, 2021
Salmon on wood cutting board

Eating for your heart: The Mediterranean diet

Ready to switch to a more heart-healthy diet? Here's how to get started with the Mediterranean diet.

Teresa Scanlan, C.N.P. By Teresa Scanlan June 21, 2021
Person standing on scale

Eating disorders complicated by COVID-19

Like so many aspects of life, COVID-19 complicated the relationship with food, body image, exercise routines, self-care and social media. Learn about the effects of COVID-19 and what to do if you're concerned about your eating patterns.

Sarah Stinson By Sarah Stinson June 18, 2021
Sitting crosslegged in yoga pose

Yoga therapy: Relieve pain, manage stress

Yoga is known to improve symptoms from chronic health conditions. Watch a video to learn sitting or standing yoga postures that can relieve muscle tension, reduce pain, increase energy and improve sleep.

June 17, 2021
Holding cellphone in hand in kitchen

Nerve stimulation to treat urinary incontinence

You've heard of implantable devices to treat medical conditions, but did you know there is a device to help treat urinary incontinence? Get answers to common questions about this treatment option.

Gokhan Anil MD By Gokhan Anil June 16, 2021
Applying moisturizer on cheek

What are 'natural' personal care products?

Many personal care products claim to be natural, organic, free of synthetics and hypoallergenic. Learn what these mean to better understand what's really in the products.

Mary Duh PAC By Mary Duh (Dew) June 15, 2021
Couple standing together looking down

New option for earlier diagnosis, staging of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is difficult to find early because it often doesn't cause symptoms until after it has spread to other organs. Learn about a minimally invasive procedure used to improve chances of survival.

Sebastian Strobel, M.D. By Sebastian Strobel June 14, 2021
Smiling person wearing a blue shirt and white hat

Solve chronic stuffy nose with intense cooling

Put a freeze on your chronic stuffy nose. Learn how nasal cryotherapy uses intense cooling to treat overactive nerves in your nose and sinus cavities, and helps with long-lasting symptom relief.

Quintin Cappelle MD By Quintin Cappelle June 11, 2021
Sitting cross-legged on field near water

Discovering calm in the chaos

How do you find calm and prioritize well-being in the midst of chaos? Watch a video presentation of two experts giving practical strategies to help you take a well-deserved break from stress, and discover calm and peace.

June 10, 2021
Brown eye close up

Cataracts: What to look for

Cataracts can cause things to look foggy, and make reading or driving at night difficult. Learn when to make an eye exam appointment.

Michael Garvey, M.D. By Michael Garvey June 8, 2021
Food in containers

7 ways to reduce food waste in your kitchen

Almost 133 billion pounds of food in the U.S. is wasted annually. Learn how to reduce food waste, and get a soup recipe to make with leftovers.

Romi Londre RDN By Romi Londre June 4, 2021
Trail hiker looking up off to side

Feeling off balance? A nerve condition may be to blame

Balance issues, which can make you feel dizzy or unsteady, may be caused by damage to your central nervous system. Learn how and what can be done to steady your balance.

Meghan Murphy MD By Meghan Murphy June 2, 2021