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Heart Health

Of all deaths in the U.S., 26% occur due to heart disease, making it the nation's No. 1 killer. We're committed to providing current clinically proven information that addresses the key causes of heart disease and provides clear, actionable advice for all ages.

Hometown Health Blog

No bones about it: Dogs are good for your health

The unconditional love shown by dogs and their need for regular exercise are a boon for physical and mental health. Learn about the benefits of dog ownership and why they're doggone fun.

Tahir Tak MD By Tahir Tak May 24, 2023

Genetic testing gives insight into cardiac conditions

Inherited genetic mutations can predispose you to develop certain cardiac conditions. Identifying genetic variants that increase the risk of these diseases allows you to make informed health choices.

Rachel Simon By Rachel Keppers April 20, 2023

Tips for safe snow shoveling

Snow shoveling can be great winter exercise. But to avoid injury, it's important to do it correctly. Try these tips as you tackle snowy driveways and sidewalks.

Paul Horvath, M.D. By Paul Horvath March 10, 2023

When to see a cardiologist

Talking with your primary care provider about as chest discomfort, shortness of breath and fainting can determine if you need a referral to a cardiologist for individualized treatment.

Robert Houlihan MD By Robert Houlihan February 27, 2023

Heart disease in women: Symptoms, risk factors

Women all of ages should take heart disease seriously. The more you know about the nation's No. 1 killer of women, the better. Test your knowledge about heart disease in women.

Stacy Blackburn DO By Stacy Blackburn February 27, 2023

Heart procedure provides solution to worry

Julie Wesson's atrial fibrillation diagnosis was an unexpected component of her retirement plans. Her determination and research led to a procedure to address her elevated stroke risk.

February 9, 2023

Tips to keep stress from hurting your heart

Stress can wreak havoc on your health, impacting your risk of developing serious issues like heart disease. Identifying your stress triggers is the first step in the stress management process.

Lisa Hardesty PhDLP By Lisa Hardesty February 6, 2023

Interval training for heart health

Interval training makes your heart alternate between working hard and recovering. Learn why this style of training has big benefits, and get started with a training plan.

Melinda Hahm By Melinda Hahm January 31, 2023

Youth athletes shouldn't skip a beat when it comes to heart health

As the seasons change, youth athletes transition gear from one sport to the next. Intense training changes an athlete's heart over time. Read what parents and athletes should know about heart health.

Xiaoke Ken Liu, M.D., Ph.D. By Xiaoke (Ken) Liu January 25, 2023

From davenport to dance floor: New life for patient with heart condition

Lewey Christopherson's heart condition kept him from doing his favorite things. Learn how the care he received from his cardiologists has him doing the two-step again.

January 19, 2023

Cyclist changing gears after heart health scare

While preparing for a ride, Becky Brooks had stabbing chest pain. The cause was an aortic dissection, which can be fatal if not treated right away. Read how her heart team got her back on the road.

October 6, 2022

What should I do if I might be having a heart attack?

Tightness in your chest, pain in your jaw and shortness of breath. Are these signs you're having a heart attack? Learn why recognizing the symptoms and calling 911 are vital during a heart attack.

John Haley MD By John Haley September 29, 2022