Intensive & Critical Care

Enhanced Critical CareEnhanced Critical Care is an electronic intensive care unit designed to improve care and shorten hospital stays. Critically ill patients are monitored bedside by local physicians and nurses and remotely by specially trained critical care physicians and nurses at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Patient information, including vital signs, test results and imaging exams, is sent to an operations center via in-room computers, high quality video cameras and audio monitors. There, a team of physicians and nurses continuously reviews the information and alerts local staff if a problem is detected. Two-way televisions and video cameras allow operations center staff to communicate with local staff, patients and their families.

Local physicians and nurses continue to care for patients as they always have. A local physician directs each patient’s care.

Enhanced Critical CareBenefits of Enhanced Critical Care include early detection and treatment of problems, shorter hospital stays, improved patient results and reduced cost of care. The service is provided at no additional cost to patients.

Please talk with any staff member if you have questions or concerns about Enhanced Critical Care. 

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Liyanage Ashant Perera, M.D.
Hospital Medicine, Intensive Care (Critical Care)
Kyaw Hein, M.D., Ph.D.
Intensive Care (Critical Care), Internal Medicine, Primary Care
Sarah Gerard, APRN
Hospital Medicine, Intensive Care (Critical Care)

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