Life Coaching

The life coach works with the whole person, taking the time to listen to concerns and asking powerful questions to help motivate you in your desire to make and sustain changes. Through coaching, you are empowered to reach your highest level of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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Need motivation to tackle your New Year's resolutions?

If the busyness of your schedule has left you wondering if you can tackle New Year's resolutions, don't worry. Consider these feel-good elements of motivation.

Kayla Wojciechowski, L.I.C.S.W. By Kayla Wojciechowski December 28, 2022

Feeding your feelings

Emotional overeating can lead to unhealthy eating patterns. Learn the difference between emotional and physical hunger, and how to break the cycle.

Amanda BassettSwanson LICSW By Amanda Bassett-Swanson February 22, 2022