Choose a health plan with Mayo Clinic care

In choosing health insurance, how can you know your plan will allow you access to the best care? It’s simple—choose a plan with access to the Mayo Clinic Health System provider network. You’ll make the smartest health care investment possible and enjoy the best of team medicine, close to home, with:

Extraordinary providers in every field. Whether you need preventive care, cardiology care, cancer care, pregnancy care or anything in between, you can count on Mayo Clinic Health System for expert diagnosis, guidance and treatment. Our specialists are among the top providers in their respective fields, and they make themselves available so you have the access you need, when you need it.

The best in team medicine. Our expert providers take great pride in the Mayo Clinic ideal of team medicine. As a Mayo Clinic Health System patient, you’ll receive expertise and support from an entire care team that collaborates to bring you the best possible outcomes. La Crosse specialists collaborate regularly with other Mayo Clinic providers in Rochester and across the entire system. 

Individualized care. At Mayo Clinic Health System, you’ll receive care customized to you. Your preventive care, screenings and treatment plan—designed to be as unique as you are—will address your exact needs and create the best possible results. Your care team is committed to helping you maintain or quickly return to your best life. 

The resources of Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic Health System is part of Mayo Clinic, which has repeatedly earned the ranking of #1 hospital in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. You can rest easy knowing your local experts are part of and have access to the renowned, trusted medical research and expertise of Mayo Clinic.

A commitment to healing. Every provider at Mayo Clinic Health System is dedicated to seeing you heal and thrive. You’ll receive consistently thorough, thoughtful care that helps you return—as quickly as possible—to the people, places and activities you love most.

More than a dozen excellent health insurance choices

Thanks to a wide variety of available health plans, virtually anyone can enjoy access to Mayo Clinic care.

Employees in State of Wisconsin public entities (city/state/schools): 

  • WEA Trust featuring Mayo Clinic Health System with access to Mayo Clinic
  • Security Health Plan

Employees of businesses/organizations offering employer-sponsored plans:

  • Health Tradition Health Plan Featuring Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Various self-funded networks such as Choice Plus, Health EOS Preferred 1, Multiplan, PHCS and many more 

Individuals eligible for enrollment on the health insurance exchange:

  • Medica featuring Mayo Clinic Health System with access to Mayo Clinic


  • Health Tradition Health Plan 65Plus
  • Humana Medicare Advantage plan
  • United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan

Military members or veterans:

  • Tri-care Humana Military Members
  • VA Community Care

Need help choosing your health insurance plan?

Contact your human resources representative or your local insurance agent for plan selection and enrollment assistance. Or, call the Mayo Clinic Health System health plan help line at 866-789-4374 (toll free) to talk with someone about health insurance that provides access to Mayo Clinic care.