Video Appointment Instructions

Video appointments are another way we provide healthcare for patients. You can start one from the comfort of home — or another comfortable location — on a mobile device or computer.

Mayo Clinic Health System video appointments are private and secure. While you and your healthcare team may not be in the same room, the appointment is otherwise the same as an in-person appointment — your care team members will evaluate your symptoms and offer guidance so you can get back to being you.

Preparing for your video appointment

You'll need a patient portal account. If you don't have one, create your account here.

Download and test the software once your appointment is scheduled.

It's important that you download the video software on the device you'll use during your video appointment:

  • If you'll be using a mobile device, you'll need to download the Mayo Clinic app. You'll also need to download the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app. It's free and can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store You don't need to create a Zoom account.
  • If you'll be using a desktop or laptop computer, you'll need a camera and microphone to participate in your video appointment. If your computer or laptop does not have this, consider a different device or contact your care team. You'll need to get your appointment rescheduled to an in-person or phone appointment.

Test your video connection by calling Mayo Clinic Customer Assistance at 1-877-858-0398 and select option 4. Staff are available weekdays from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. CT.

Complete pre-appointment tasks using PreCheck-In

As early as seven days before your appointment, you can complete all pre-appointment tasks, including questionnaires, insurance and personal information updates using PreCheck-In on your patient portal. You need to complete PreCheck-In before logging on for your video appointment. Just select the PreCheck-In button next to the scheduled video appointment to begin.

Watch these videos and read a tip sheet to help you understand how to connect to your video appointment:

The day of your appointment

Log on to the patient portal to access your appointment.

At the time of your appointment, go to the Appointment section in the patient portal. If you have not completed your pre-appointment tasks, you will need to do that now by selecting PreCheck-In.

If you are using a mobile device and haven't downloaded the Zoom software, you'll be asked to download it now. After Zoom is downloaded, return to the Mayo Clinic app and select "Begin Video Appointment."

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, select the word "Details" next to your video appointment. Then select "Begin Video Appointment." If you haven't already downloaded Zoom, follow the onscreen instructions which include selecting "Open Zoom Meetings." If nothing prompts you to download and install the Zoom software, click the link on your screen which says "download & run Zoom."

A Mayo Clinic staff member will greet you and then connect you with your healthcare professional.

Note: In some cases, pop-up blockers may keep you from connecting to your video appointment. Please disable these by following your browser's instructions.

After your appointment

Log on to the patient portal to review information from this appointment. Select "Clinical Notes and Documents," and then select either "Clinical Notes" or "After Visit Summary."

Video appointment FAQ

Learn more on our comprehensive video appointment FAQ page.