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For the first time, women who have dense breasts—almost half of all women—have access to a reliable test that detects cancer early. The test is MBI (Molecular Breast Imaging).

MBI detects nearly 4 times as many tumors

Molecular Breast Imaging expertiseCancer can hide in dense tissue. MBI finds tumors based on molecular activity and shows them as bright spots on the image.

Some women already know their tissue is dense. Others suspect it because they are frequently called back for more imaging or a biopsy.

In the La Crosse area, MBI is available exclusively at Mayo Clinic Health System.

How Mayo Clinic developed this breakthrough technology 

Dr. Debra Rhodes of the Mayo Clinic Breast Diagnostic Clinic realized she could solve the dense tissue problem after talking with a cardiologist about using MIBI technology.

Her small team built the first MBI, duct-taping individual high-resolution detectors to a modified mammography unit. Over the next ten years, radiology, internal medicine, surgery, nuclear physics and biomedical engineering teams perfected and validated it with rigorous clinical research. 

Doctors can now match diagnostic tests to women’s individual needs and save more lives.

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