Shy bladder hero

When a shy bladder
isn't to blame

Being the last man standing at the urinal may be inconvenient and embarrassing — but difficulty urinating and frequent bathroom breaks also may be signs of an enlarged prostate. About 70% of men experience symptoms by age 60, and that risk only increases as men age. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. With expert urology care in Albert Lea, Mayo Clinic Health System will help you get the right treatment for you, close to home.
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Trouble getting started

Trouble getting started?

Around age 50, the prostate often increases in size, causing uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking the flow of urine and difficulty starting. While a common condition for men as they get older, these symptoms shouldn't be ignored.

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Frequent bathroom breaks

Frequent bathroom breaks?

Fewer trips to the restroom can be in your future. With advanced technology, you have access to the latest noninvasive treatments, meaning quick relief from symptoms with minimal side effects.

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Right treatment for you

Personalized treatment

Your individual needs are the focus of our care philosophy, and we develop a care plan to meet your goals. Get the right treatment for you with in-person and virtual consults where it’s convenient for you.

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