Breathe easy with long-lasting nasal relief.

If you are tired of all the tissues and fed up with finding relief from your bothersome nasal symptoms in the pharmacy aisle, the nasal experts at Mayo Clinic Health System are here to deliver the exact care you and your family need. From constant runny or stuffy noses to difficulty breathing and sleeping, our Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) team offers multiple treatment options for long-lasting relief.

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Relief from runny noses

Rhinitis is the frequent inflammation of the nose that can cause a runny nose, sneezing or postnasal drip. Mayo Clinic Health System offers a five-minute treatment option that uses cold therapy or cryotherapy that freezes runny noses in their tracks.

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Stop stuffy nose struggles

Nasal obstruction, or insufficient airflow through the nose, can be uncomfortable and can contribute to habitual snoring, headaches and poor sleep. Our ENT providers now offer an absorbable nasal implant procedure that can open your nasal passages to keep you breathing easy for years to come.

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Personalized care

Our primary goal will always be focused on developing the right treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Our team offers in-person and virtual consults to deliver care where it's convenient for you.

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