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What’s Happening in the Community

Feet in slippers

Men's health: What's benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Most men will experience benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) as they age. Get the basics about this noncancerous condition.

Adam Miller, M.D. By Adam Miller April 21, 2021
Runner on paved path

Picking a marathon training plan

Running a marathon is a bucket list item for many people. Key to crossing it off the list is picking the right training plan. Here's what you should consider before you lace up your shoes.

Troy Hoehn ATC By Troy Hoehn April 20, 2021
Baby laying on back smiling

Infants have mental health needs, too

The mental health of infants is as important as physical health. Early intervention is essential to preventing mental health disorders. Learn about warning signs and when to seek help.

Kyja Stygar, M.D. By Kyja Stygar April 20, 2021
John Zadroga DO By John Zadroga April 20, 2021
Blowing nose or sneezing into tissue

Combating allergies, asthma during COVID-19

Some seasonal allergy symptoms are similar those associated with COVID-19. Know the difference and when to seek medical care.

April 19, 2021
Mom holding baby as dad cooks

Breastfeeding 101: Tips for new moms

Breastfeeding is a learning experience for mother and baby. It's a natural activity, but it takes practice. Get answers to some of your most-asked questions. 

Amy Newman NP By Amy Newman April 19, 2021
Donate Life

Organ donation: Don't let these myths confuse you

Unsure about donating organs for transplant? Don't let misinformation keep you from saving lives.

April 16, 2021
Medical checklist on clipboard and stethoscope

Plan ahead to make the most of your health care visit

Have an upcoming health care appointment with your provider? Here's some tips and things to keep in mind so you get the most from your visit.

Lindsey Ruppel, D.O. By Lindsey Ruppel April 16, 2021
Dad and child sitting on sofa talking

Have you talked to your children about alcohol use?

Caring adults in children's lives have the power of influence. Get tips to help you talk with your children about the dangers of alcohol — it could save a life.

Tyler Oesterle MD By Tyler Oesterle April 15, 2021