Curbside pickup for prescriptions, medical supplies

To improve service for all patients and to adhere to social distancing requirements, Mayo Clinic Pharmacies and Mayo Clinic Stores are now offering curbside service.

Here is how curbside pickup for prescriptions or medical supplies will work:

  • When patients arrive at their location to pick up a prescription or medical supplies, they will pull up to the main clinic entrance and park their vehicle. Designated parking will be provided.
  • Patients will call pharmacy or Mayo Clinic Store staff to inform them that they have arrived. Phone numbers are provided at each site. Patients should be prepared to give the following information: patient name, date of birth, color and make of vehicle. If patients do not have a phone, they can come to the entrance door of the pharmacy or Mayo Clinic Store. Patients can enter the building, but they should not enter the pharmacy or store.
  • A staff member will provide further instructions regarding payment and deliver medications or supplies to patients’ vehicles when the orders are ready.